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Writing a Winning Offer in This Market

Here’s what you need to know to write a winning offer.

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As a buyer, how do you write a winning offer in this market?

While every situation is different, it’s important to understand what motivates the seller. What are their sweet spots? What are they really looking to do? After that, you need to understand your financing options and what’s most important to the seller. Cash is always king, but there may be other ways you can get creative with your offer besides cash. For example, you can get creative with the terms of your offer and guarantee a quick close (if that’s what’s important to them). You can also modify or waive the inspection and/or appraisal contingencies (should the appraisal come in less than your offer).

So remember, be creative and strategic when approaching a seller with your offer. If you have questions about this topic or would like my team’s help in writing your winning offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you.

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